Kia ora!

KidsCoin is a crew of people who are passionate about giving our kids the financial and digital skills that they need to be successful in the 21st century.

We believe that if we teach our kids good habits and mindsets towards money, learning and technology while they are young they will grow up to make better choices and financial decision in their futures.

This will help to grow and strengthen individuals, families, communities and our society at large.


Our beginnings

KidsCoin was born as a result of seeing that our education system is not adequately preparing our children with the life, money and technology skills that they need to grow up and be confident in the real world as adults.

Through the hard work and dedication of a small group of people, KidsCoin went from an idea to something real.

They gave their own time and energy to create the program and software so that children could benefit from this innovative and fun education programme.

Brittany Teei (a former professional tennis player and coach) teamed up with her mum Teri Teei (a teacher with over 35+ years of teaching experience under her belt) and together they got the ball rolling.

Through their years of combined experience working with the community, they worked with people who shared their vision to bring KidsCoin to life.

Brittany Teei and KidsCoin kids on tennis court

Brittany’s experience from playing on the tennis circuit around the world taught her the importance of developing good habits and skills while young, so that they’re second nature when you grow up.

Developing her tennis skills from a young age opened up many opportunities for her and she learnt first hand, the value and importance of starting young.

She often wondered why this approach wasn’t applied to money education and why so many people missed out on this type of learning.

Growing up with her mother being a teacher, she also saw what went on day to day in classrooms and knew she wanted to do something to help the kids.

Teri Teei has vast experience across the education sector.

She has taught all over the world in different countries and has worked with different ages and levels of learners.

She has a strong background in designing educational programmes specialising in behavioural change which have been widely adopted and used by companies all over the world.

Her insight into behavioural change and management strategies, combined with her deep understanding of curriculum and resource development have been a major influence in the way that the pedagogy and frameworks have been designed for KidsCoin.

Teri currently works as a teacher in a primary school in Auckland New Zealand and volunteers her time to develop the educational resources and teacher training workshops for KidsCoin.

Brittany and Teri  had no background in technology but believed in their idea.

They began to look for someone who also shared their vision and ideas towards innovation and education. Someone on the same page, and who had a love and passion for software development.

They had the opportunity to work with some of the best tech minds to build their software and get KidsCoin to where it is today.

Where are we now

Since launching in 2016 KidsCoin is now used in classrooms across NZ and in the Social Service sector as well.

The platform provides lessons in multiple languages, including Te Reo Māori and Pacific Island languages too.

We have also expanded the team to include workshop facilitators who deliver our workshops and training sessions across New Zealand, and are always looking to grow. If you are interested in being a part of the journey with us then get in touch via our contact us form.

Our mission is to reach more children, families and communities so that they can all benefit from the programme. We hope you’ll join us on our journey. Register for our whānau workshops today or send us a message to find out how you can get involved.

Noho ora mai,

The team at KidsCoin