KidsCoin is fun, practical software that helps kids learn about money.

Kids login to KidsCoin and complete lessons and tests in a range of school subjects. Fun and interactive lessons teach them about banking systems, online banking, e-commerce, and even taxes. As they learn they earn, save and spend KidsCoin dollars using virtual bank accounts – just like adults do with real money in the real world.

Skills that last a lifetime

Using real world scenarios, kids learn how to make, manage and invest their money and develop good saving and spending habits. These basic yet essential financial skills set them up for success in tomorrow’s world.


Parents and children learn together

KidsCoin makes it easy for parents to teach their children good money habits and get more involved with their child’s learning. Parents also learn new digital and financial skills themselves.


Aligned with the New Zealand school curriculum

Our interactive lessons teach money management using the school curriculum. This means teachers can use KidsCoin in the classroom. The fun and easy-to-use software also improves student engagement.


Supported by the community

We partner with community groups and local businesses so KidsCoin dollars can be used to make real world purchases. KidsCoin encourages people to talk and learn about money together, and is an effective tool for building financial confidence in the home and within families.


Learn in English and Māori

KidsCoin uses both English and Te Reo, so kids and adults can practice and extend their use of Te Reo while learning about money.


To find out more about KidsCoin contact us or attend an upcoming whānau workshop.