KidsCoin is fun, practical software that helps kids learn about money.

Through fun and interactive lessons, kids learn how to make, manage and invest KidsCoin Dollars.

By teaching our kids good habits and mindsets towards money now, they’ll make better financial decisions in the future.

Who uses KidsCoin?



Learn important money management skills that last a lifetime.

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Parents & caregivers

Get involved in your child’s learning and have fun along the way.


Teachers & schools

Curriculum aligned lessons save time and make it easy to use in the classroom.

Get free access to KidsCoin for 12 months

Come along to a fun and interactive workshop to find out more about KidsCoin.

Our free, two-hour interactive workshops have been especially designed for children and adults to learn about money and technology together.

You’ll also get free access to KidsCoin for 12 months.

Kids, parents and teachers love KidsCoin!

“I like learning on Kidscoin because if I learn about money now, I can learn how to buy my mum a house when I am older.”

Hunter, 8 years old

“I have a job- I have to put the computers away each week. Sometimes I am away from school, so I pay my friend a lesser amount to do it for me. That way, I still earn money when I am not at school.”

Maraina, 10 years old

“They have created their own classroom economy and through negotiation and group work, they have established their own rules and systems. As the teacher, I am almost superfluous.”

George, Year 7 teacher