Category: Introduction

11Aug, 2017

Kidscoin benefits Parents

This educational software helps make parenting easy as it goes a long way in changing behaviours. Children learn to imbibe the right money habits at an early age. Teaching kids about money builds their confidence and self-worth and is the right step towards poverty mind-set intervention. Apart from raising numeracy levels of children, their financial […]

11Aug, 2017

Kidscoin benefits Teachers

Teachers will find in Kidscoin, a valuable tool for raising numeracy levels as students interact with figures in a fun way, they become better in them. The interactive nature of the software will help in raising student engagement in the classroom while teaching basic money skills.

11Aug, 2017

Kidscoin benefits Students

Boys and girls alike are taught about money. This promotes equality as both sexes learn that money making is not the exclusive preserve or sole responsibility of any gender in particular. Kidscoin is a way of increasing student access to high quality products that not only provide fun, but also teach valuable life skills. As […]

KidsCoin Workshops - Image of students learning
10Aug, 2017

Why use Kidscoin?

This educational software comes with tools that are designed help to equip young people, through experiential learning, with basic financial management skills. More than ever, learning these skills has become even more important as the lure of consumerism continues to increase. As advertisers become smarter and more convincing at selling products, children also, need to […]

09Aug, 2017

Introducing Kidscoin

A tool for the classroom that brings communities together to teach money management to kids Kidscoin is an easy-to-use educational program designed to teach students real world money skills in a fun and practical way in a classroom environment. Kids learn better by doing and Kidscoin provides them the platform to learn about money by […]